Europe’s leading provider of natural premium pet food

Voff is a European leader within natural premium pet food. Our vision is to create a future of happier and healthier pets.

Voff Premium Pet Food was founded in 2014

Voff have gathered some of Europe’s most successful natural pet food brands under one roof, spearheading the future of pet food.

Our top of the range factories

In our top of the range factories across Europe, Voff produces and sells natural pet food including raw (BARF), natural air-dried treats and high quality bird food that are minimally processed and made from natural ingredients.

Our brands

Today Voff consists of ten much loved brands offering a wide variety of natural pet food products proudly known for its outstanding quality and exceptionally loyal customer base.


Tasty food and treats for pets and wild birds. The Leo & Wolf products include BARF and complete BARF as well as treats made from fresh meat. All products for pets are grain free and with high meat content. Leo & Wolf also produces wild bird food, similar to fat seed balls but without nets and with a very high natural fat content (no palm oil).


Nutriment is a brand for premium frozen pet food (BARF) and treats produced in the UK. The ranges include BARF, complete BARF and treats for both dogs and cats. The products are sold online and in stores all over the UK and a few select markets around Europe.


Tasty food and treats for dogs and cats made in Finland. Products include BARF, complete BARF and ovendried food for pets. Oscar also has treats made from pure meat, both oven dried and cold dried – a specialty from Finland. Oscar always uses the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best possible products.


Premium pet food produced in Germany for dogs, cats and ferrets.® has BARF, complete BARF, chews, treats and supplements. All products are sold online and can be bought in several countries around Europe. Products are delivered direct to the pet owners.


High quality food, treats and chews for pets. The product range includes BARF, complete BARF and many more types of pet food. DIBO also produces treats and chews in the factory located in Germany.


Pet food produced and sold in Germany for dogs and cats. BARFGOLD has BARF, complete BARF, chews and treats. The products are sold both off- and online and are produced in the BARFGOLD factory in Germany.


AniForte was founded in early 2014 with the premise to give nature back to our pets. The idea of taking the high quality vitamins, minerals and other nutritional elements normally found in natural pet food, and giving those back originated after we realised that most pet foods are lacking important nutrients due to the level of processing.


Aristo Oy was founded in 2003 and manufactures high quality natural chews and treats under the RAUH! and REKKU brands at its own production facilities in Finland. Aristo Oy’s vision is to be the best, most customer friendly chew producer in the industry, to ensure the best products possible for all pets.


Nova Dog Chews brings you the most natural, healthy dog snacks with ingredients that will help provide a nutritious diet for your dog. We pride ourselves on offering a great range of products with a first-class customer service.


Energique was founded in 1988 with the mission to make a difference in the life of pets, going back to the roots of pet feeding. Today, Energique manufactures high quality natural raw pet food at its own production facilities in the Netherlands, certified with IFS food safety and using the highest quality ingredients.

“We are proud of our company - a fantastic gathering of brands serving our customers with natural, high-quality pet food, every day. Our Europe-wide footprint enables us to benefit from cross-selling opportunities, best in class insight sharing and a constant and reliable production. And most of all, it enables our great team of leaders and experts to conjoin to create the future of natural pet food!”

Anders Kristiansen – CEO

Our footprint

Based in Sweden and with operations across the Nordics, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, we are offering our products in many different channels; online, offline and with our trusted retail partners.

Voff’s current operation include:













Our Values


We are entrepreneurs – we value original thinking and always search for a better way, unconstrained by the way things have been done before.


We operate, communicate and act with authenticity and integrity. We believe in transparency and respect for our colleagues, our customers and all pets.


We aspire to use the best quality ingredients, processes and infrastructure necessary to provide safe, delicious and dependable products for our customers and their pets.


We act with care, empathy and respect for everyone who works with, buys and enjoys our products. Just like our pets are parts of our families, yours are too.

One team

We inspire each other to achieve great things, we embrace each other for our unique contributions and we support each other as we grow. We are One Voff.

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Our vision is to provide a future of happier and healthier pets.